Presented by Samuel Ross, A-COLD-WALL* is the curated product of British culture birthed out of the respected fields of fashion design, installation art and material study.

Described as ‘A continuous representation between clashing worlds separated by Architecture, Class & Environment’, A-COLD-WALL* remains true to this vital philosophy. The Brutalist Movement and Bauhaus Collective inform core colour palettes; translating ‘warehouse’ paint washes, Portland cement blends and rough cast speckles onto garments.

Melting pot tendencies found within class systems and youth are harnessed and channelled into garment design, literature and object. Cultivated palettes and refined arrangements manifest in forms that serve and support these cultural tenets ascribed to A-COLD-WALL*.

A-COLD-WALL* translates the inanimate reality of buildings, industrial material and geographic memory into wearable concepts. It is homage to the audiences residing within the origins of the concept and giving frenetic life to these ideas.


A-COLD-WALL* is driven first from the standpoint of concept and ideation leading to innovation for garment design. That concept is pairing memory, emotion and shared experiences with a physical touch point. A-COLD-WALL*’s semantic dialogue relies on the relationship between these three elements – the apex of this process takes form as garment design.

Product is developed from raw material studies and the nuances of this research that originally motivated the formation of A-COLD-WALL*. These ideas are realised through technical fabrications, jersey treatments, weighted textiles, hand-painted detailing, concise print applications and experimentation.

Material study informs fabric choice and selection, sophisticated and conflicting pairings direct detailing whilst architecture and Brutalism act as harbingers for signature silhouettes.
These contrasting elements create buoyancy between ready to wear garments and the avant-garde expressed through runway.


A-COLD-WALL*’s next phase will take shape in temporary and permanent locations globally with a specific and localised focus on experience. Our intrinsic nature will actualise as unique flagship experiences.

On the horizon is our expansion into a physical space that will serve as both an experiential hub and inspirational retail experience.

The A-COLD-WALL* narrative, concise message and physical use of space were first articulated through concept-led installations across London, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong in its inaugural years. These case studies into sound design, space, temperature and interior architecture symbolise the testing ground that has given rise to the new phase of A-COLD-WALL*.